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COVID-19 Measures and rules

  • Sanitization Station at the entrance. All guests are required to sanitize their hands upon entering the facility.

  • Masks are mandatory upon entrance and when approaching any of our staff.

  • The max party limit is 50. It’s a private party facility so only your social circle will be present at your party.

  • Until further notice, we do not include any food, drink or party essentials (plates, forks, napkins etc.). The party host will be responsible for all these items.

  • We are only providing the facility for your private party, party host needs to inform their guests about general and COVID-19 rules and policies.

  • Entire facility is cleaned with Organic Gold Standard in Electro Chemically Activated (ECA) sanitizers which kills ALL viruses, bacteria, spores and mold, and is certified 100% organic.

  • After every party, we thoroughly sanitize the entire playground using fully organic, non-toxic, FDA, Health Canada and EPA approved disinfectant

  • We actively screen all staff and patrons by checking their temperature at the door to ensure they are under 38 degrees C/100.4 degrees F.

  • All our staff will be wearing a mask while at work and will follow social distancing.

Rules & Policies

  • Socks only facility. The host is responsible for reminding all their guests that socks are mandatory.  

  • You can arrive at the designated time party time.

  • Any changes in the package type (reducing number of kids) needs to notified 2 weeks prior to the party date. On the day of party, package type cannot be changed to the lesser package You will be charged as per previously determined package.

  • We do request that your party finishes at the designated time. A $70 charge will be applied if you fail to do so.

  • Children below 12 Months and over 13 years are not counted as part of the (kids) guest list.

  • Proper apparel must be worn if a child is not fully potty trained.   

  • Outside Food and Party Extras: We allow you to bring any extra food into our facility. However, any food containing NUTS, PEANUTS or TREE NUTS are prohibited. No exceptions! Please remember to bring plates, napkins, utensils for all food that is not included in the party package. Staff is not responsible for the serving of any food.

  • Please have your birthday cake 45 minutes before your party ends. We don’t want your family and friends rushed out and want them to enjoy the cake.

  • We will turn on the flashing lights 10 to 15 minutes before your party ends, depending on the amount of food/decoration take down that is required. This gives you a chance to bring food to the car and say goodbye to friends and relatives without them feeling rushed as we will have a new party entering soon.

  • Jiggles and Giggles is an UNSUPERVISED private party play area. Parents/Guardians are fully responsible for their children safety. Jiggles and Giggles is not responsible for missing, damage ,loss of personal property and any injuries that might occur from unsafe or improper use of equipment.

  • We are nut free facility and we clean afterwards however a $75+HST cleaning fee is applied to your invoice if nuts are discovered in any outside food brought into the playground or if the facility is dirtier than normal.

  • No Sparklers, Pinatas, or decorative confetti of any kind.

  • No cigarettes or e-cigarettes in the facility.

  • Party host needs to inform their guests of Jiggles and Giggles rules and policies. In the event that guests are disruptive, cause damages, or conduct themselves inappropriately, they may be asked to leave (escorted by Police if necessary), and the host will be documented/put on report, billed for any damage caused by the guest(s).

  • Jiggles and Giggles reserves the rights to change the package prices and play area equipment  at any time.

  • Ask us beforehand if you have questions anytime at 905-264-8222 or emailing


A completed and signed waiver by a parent/guardian is required for everyone entering Jiggles and Giggles private party playarea. Save time by signing our online waiver below.

John Smith
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