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About Us


Jiggles & Giggles is a 3,000 sq ft., fun-filled indoor play and private party place for children and family, where kids will have the time of their lives, without sharing the space!!! When you book, you get the entire facility to yourself. No drop-ins, just your friends, your family!​ Which means no bullying between different age crowds. The best part is that parents can enjoy the party also! We have unlimited air hockey, coffee and tea for them too!

​Every birthday party has a story. Let us help to create one for you!!!


Most importantly, we want Jiggles & Giggles to be a memorable place for both children and parents, and a place so sweet that kids will be longing for more.

Our Mission

 As the owners of Jiggles&Giggles, my husband and I are very committed to our business and our surrounding community. As the parents of one ourselves, we feel that it is important for our friends, neighbors, and community to have a business where families can come and play together. We are devoted to offering an affordable and yet safe place that friends and family can congregate to celebrate a birthday, special occasion, or just a day together filled with fun and excitement. We look forward to meeting you and your family and are anxiously awaiting the booking of your own private party or gathering in the near future. As you will soon agree, no other business offers the personal birthday celebration that Jiggles&Giggles can offer. Stop by and see one of our crew members to book your private party today and find out for yourself why we are striving to be the best family entertainment business in Vaughan. We thank you in advance for your patronage and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with you and your family.

Why Book With Us

At Jiggles&Giggles, quality and service go hand-in-hand. We go above and beyond to ensure, you feel good about booking private birthday party with us .


We are a Peanut and Nut Free Facility. 

We are parents ourselves, we know how important it is for us Parents and our little ones to have most enjoyable, safe and fun filled birthday. keeping that in mind, we don't allow walk-ins and you can celebrate your child's birthday in the company of your friends and family only.

We offer unlimited coffee/tea for adults and juice for kids, ability to bring your own food and we will also help you with set up and clean up.


​We also have air hockey for adults at no additional charge.

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